Scrap Metal Processing

Our company ensures the recycling of scrap with the Scrap Metal Processing License given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the framework of the “Communiqué on the Recovery of Some Non-Hazardous Wastes”.

Scrap metals separated from the waste accepted into the enterprise; copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, zinc, lead, iron/steel, tin and other mixed metals. In our facility, such scraps are made ready for melting by going through physical processes such as cutting, pressing and packaging. Thus, by sending metal scraps to melting factories, it brings them back to the country’s economy and environment.

“Our company trades and processes metal scraps such as Iron-Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, etc. in our facility, which has a scrap metal processing capacity of 130,000 tons per year.”