Healthcare Institutions Integrated Waste Management

The wastes generated during the activities of health institutions carry a higher risk of infection, unlike other activities, and also contain substances that are dangerous for humans and the environment and have the potential to be harmful.

As EKOVAR, we provide integrated waste management services in City Hospitals, which started operating within the scope of PPP (Public Sector-Private Sector Partnership).

We provide our waste management services in City Hospitals equipped with smart buildings and digital hospital technology, using modern equipment, digital recording and reporting software, completely in accordance with quality principles.

We carry out Integrated Waste Management services of 5 (five) city hospitals with a total bed capacity of 7,982 in Ankara, Bursa, Eskişehir, Isparta and Yozgat. Within the scope of our service, we manage a total of 990,140 kg of waste, including 264,040 kg of medical and 726,070 kg of domestic waste per month. We offer the said service with a total of 146 blue and white collar personnel.